Sides of beef for sale - make a deposit now!

Because of the drought we are experiencing , we anticipate having to reduce our herd before winter. The plan is to slaughter a heifer in December at about the age of 16 or 17 months – entirely grass fed and tender meat at such an early age. I expect this animal to weigh out at about 300+ pounds hanging weight, so if you buy half (or a “side”) it will yield between 70 and 80 pounds of finished product. This will be USDA inspected and smartly vacuum packaged. If you commit with a $100 deposit, your side will cost you $7 a pound balance due on delivery in December. First come first served. By the way, we still have some honey left from our bountiful harvest the summer: five pounds for $33, 2 pounds for $13, 1 pound for seven dollars.

Here are the standard cuts for a side (half) of beef:

·       Ground Beef

·         Steaks

·        Filet Steak

·        Ribeye Steak

·        Sirloin Steak

·        Skirt Steak

·        Strip Steak

·        Round Steak

·        Brisket

·        Roasts

·        Chuck Roast

·        Arm Roast

·        Rump Roast

·        Stew Meat

·        Kabob Meat

·        Beef Ribs

·        Soup Bones

·        Miscellaneous

·        Liver

·        Heart

·        Tongue