Try Dexter Beef!

Our purebred Dexter breed originated in the hills of Ireland and is renowned for its flavor. 

We raise our cattle naturally on grass. Our cattle receive no vaccinations, hormones, or antibiotics. They are never exposed to factory-farm cattle that could transmit pathogens to them. The only chemical used is a small external application to reduce the flies that harass them all summer.

Farm-to-fork beef on a small scale is made possible by selling shares of the cow directly to the consumer at the time of or before the slaughter. This keeps costs down by cutting out the middleman, avoiding the extra expense of transportation to an inspection center, and factory butchering, which are really intended for large factory farms anyway, not small operations like Saint Gall Farm, which specializes in prime beef for the local market. But if you prefer, we also sell USDA inspected beef.


Farm to Fork : Beef shares now for sale

 Shares (by percentage) in a Dexter cow are now for sale, which will be harvested in December. It is entirely grass-fed, not grain finished, has never been given any hormones, antibiotics or supplements, and has spent her entire life on farms in Craig County and Catawba.

 With exception of the organ meat, the animal will be processed for steakburger. Price to St Gall Farm is $2.00 per lb. hanging weight, which I estimate to be to be about 400 lbs. (to be determined precisely at slaughter). The hanging weight is the carcass after skinning and evisceration; the carcass will convert after butchering to about 240 lbs. of burger. Your net burger is the percentage of the hanging weigh that you purchased applied to the total amount of burger produced.

 The cow will be processed at Hunter’s Burden in Ironto.  The processing fee is $.90 per pound of the hanging weight for vacuum packed, but only $.50 per pound for tube packaging such as breakfast sausage is sold in. You must inform Hunter’s Burden in advance of your preference and make arrangements to pick up the finished steakburger in Ironto and pay the remaining costs.

 Illustration: Using the above estimates, if you buy 20% of the hanging weight at 80 lbs., you will make a deposit of $48, and pay the remaining $112 at slaughter (for a total of $160) to St. Gall Farm. You then pay $40 to the Hunter’s Burden for processing and tube packaging. Your total cost is thus $200. You net 48 lbs. of packaged, grass-fed naturally raised steakburger for a little over $4/lb.

 You must make a non-refundable 30% deposit to St. Gall Farm with balance due as reckoned on the day of slaughter. To place an order, contact Paul Hinlicky at St. Gall Farm at or 540.384.6069.

- 100% Grass-fed and Grass Finished
- 100% Herbicide Free Pastures
- 100% locally born, raised, and processed
- Irish Dexter Breed
- No hormones
- No antibiotics
- No grain (except an occasional treat of sweet-feed)
- Humanely managed for low-stress animals
- Rotationally grazed
- Dry aged for 3 weeks +
- Custom cut to your specifications
- USDA Inspected
- Vacuum packed 

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