In addition to selling delicious beef, honey, and eggs,
we tend the land and enjoy the benefits.



The land we acquired in 2002 was badly eroded from poor pasture management and the woodlands had been "higraded," meaning that loggers had torn through the property picking out only profitable timbers. We decided to reverse the process...

Garden and Orchard

In the years we've lived here we have trucked in tons of organic compost and worked to develop a large garden space. Today we grow everything from peaches to lima beans, okra to potatoes, sweet corn to raspberries, and of course tomatoes!...



The habitat improvement projects we've undertaken, according to the philosophy of Quality Deer Management (QDM), have produced a bonanza of white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, and the black bear for whom the farm is named. We're still waiting for the return of the quail, a sign that our conservation efforts have finally reached their goal...