Catawba wildflower honey is back!

After the devastating winter of 2017-18, we had to rebuild our apiary from the bottom up. Our colonies survived the winter and have now produced a bountiful spring harvest. Honey is sold by the pound. As a rule, 1 pint of honey by volume equals 1.5lbs. of honey by weight [24oz.] or quart equals 3 pounds [48 ounces]. The going rate now for raw natural honey is $7 a pound. We can sell in plastic bottles for no extra charge but for the Mason jars we require either a $2 deposit or an exchange of a widemouth jar..

1 LB plastic @ $7

2 LB plastic@ $13

3 LB in 1 quart mason jar @ $20 + $2 DEPOSIT on the jar caps or exchange of a widemouth jar

5 LB plastic @ $33