It all started when... in the suburbs, we decided we needed to make a lifestyle change and find healthier and saner human habitat. We slowly acquired one hundred acres of worn-out, mountainous farmland and built an ecologically state-of-the-art house in 2005. As we lived on the land and edged toward retirement from our professional jobs, we more and more experimented with locavore, farm-to-fork production.

In 2012 we legally established Saint Gall Farm, named after the Irish monk who, many centuries ago, converted the bear-worshiping Swiss. He did so in a fashion that lifts up peaceful coexistence with wildlife. According to legend, he moved into the bear's cave and arranged to swap freshly baked bread for the firewood that the bear would bring him. Since our property hosts magnificent black bears as well as many other kinds of wildlife, we thought this name and emblem would suit us well.

From the bounty of our land we sell beef, honey, and eggs. We also enjoy the fruits of garden and orchard and we support wildlife habitat.